Vern Wisner  Allen Vernon Wisner was born in Lexington, Nebraska in 1892. His father, Edward, was a laborer and his mother, Mary, a schoolteacher. Vern served four years in the U.S. Navy and two years in the Army during World War I. Although married with two children, after the war Vern left his family in Baltimore, Maryland, drifted west and ended up in Elk City, Idaho and the Salmon River Canyon. For years he lived a sparse existence at small cabins along the river, trapping, hunting, surviving with a small military pension. Vern was a good storyteller, including one that he was born in a teepee on a Sioux Indian Reservation.
He loved to share tales of hunting adventures with friends. Vern was a good listener, too. After marrying Frances in 1963 the couple lived happily together on the remote Campbell's Ferry homestead on the Salmon River. Vern died in 1974 after an extended illness.