Rose Bernardi Cook Home

    Rose Bernardi Aiken came from Oregon to Elk City, Idaho to teach after losing her husband to illness and a daughter who drowned in the Snake River.

    According to the local newspaper Rose was "well and favorably known." She told friends that since coming to Idaho she "led an ideal life." Rose met and married Warren Cook, a young Spanish-American War veteran and moved with him to Campbell's Ferry Ranch in 1905.

    In the fall Rose began a difficult labor. Ella Churchill, a midwife from the Churchill homestead four miles upstream came to help. As Jim Moore later told the story, "First we prayed that she would have the baby. Then we prayed for it to be over soon." Rose died after a six-day ordeal. She and the child are buried on the homestead.


1900 - The Bernardi family in Salem, Oregon Rose 3rd from right